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Amber was born the daughter of a preacher.  At a young age, she devoted her life to Christ. She grew-up in the back wood churches of South Carolina. Where the ole church mother’s would sing testimony service  and her mother would direct the choir. Years later, it would be this very up bringing that would launch her into an international life of ministry and leadership.


Amber is a woman of faith and a leader,  that inspires a generation of young people to pursue their faith, passions and purpose with relentless abandon. Most notably known for her musical talents, Amber has graced the stage with artists such as Duranice Pace, Mary Mary, Kelontae Gavin, Marvin Sapp, Todd Galberth, Melvin Crispell III, Chandler Moore, Jason Nelson, David & Nicole Binion, Stephen & Lori Ward, Todd Delaney, Travis Greene, Kenny Smith, Brian Courtney Wilson and the likes of many more. Her heart for her faith, dynamic voice and undeniable gift in entertainment attracts audiences from far and near. As a creative, she expressing her life’s journey through music, songwriting, and writing books. 


In her everyday life, She is an businesswoman, entrepreneur, consultant  and visionary. Creating innovation and strategic solutions to corporations and small business owners. With several small business and nonprofit organizations under her direct leadership and ownership. 


Amber truly believes that, “To whom much is given, much is required.” And it is with that thought combined with her passion for service to the community and women’s empowerment, that she impacts the world, leaving no gift left behind. Singing, “I’ll use my two hands, one voice, two feet to give You Glory.”

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