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the heart behind the music

Amber has a unique, powerful, soulful voice. From the moment she hits the stage, the entire audience awaits in anticipation of every moment and note sung. 


When Amber sings, it's pure passion and authenticity. You hear the story of a girl and her Father and feel the richness of the relationship. It's that sound that captivates the listener, bringing 

them along on an intense journey of excitement and stillness, as GLORY invades the room.


As a songwriter, Amber creates music about about her faith, life, love and everything in between. She's quoted for sharing with her supporters why she writes and sings about it all, refusing to select one genre exclusively. She tells them about what The Father shared with her one day, "He told me, if I AM love than why don't you sing about me?". From that moment on, it was never a question, and she's never looked back or compromised her faith.

She's as genuine as they come and loves the ministry of serving others and fulfilling The Father's will for her life. So take a listen to some raw, candid moments of worship. Make sure to TURN DOWN your volume. None of the music here is published for distribution and its available exclusively here and on here youtube channel. So thanks for visiting and there's more to come in 2021.

This music is raw and unpublished music from worship nights. It is available exclusively here.


Copyright (c) Amber Smith Worldwide​

Heaven Sound Music Group, LLC

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